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Buena Vista to see some new faces for coffee

Rumor has it that we in Buena Vista will be seeing some new places to buy coffee. The 15 year old Bongo Billy’s Buena Vista Cafe has been the only place in town for more than a decade, located in the perfect spot to capture the rafters and high schoolers at break time. It has been a classic place to stop for many. Mother’s opened a year and a half ago, with a more refined atmosphere that caters to a different audience. Both of these are great hang outs, each with its own style, depending on what you’re looking for.

Now we hear the rumors of a couple additional places. First is the Global Cafe, across from K’s. This should be a good alternative for travelers wanting a cup of coffee or an espresso. Also, they will offer a dining component, picnics, shopping at the Global Garage Market next door, and the park across the street. The second is a cart or a drive through of some sort. There are couple of different places this may be put up, but should give the pedestrian on Main Street or the driver passing through town a reason to pull over for the quick, line-free latte. Both the Global Cafe and the coffee cart – name unknown at this time – are scheduled to open in June of this year. Next year, the brewery at South Main will open with coffee, and the Evergreen Cafe has recently started serving single origin Fair Trade Organic coffee that we roast. Many changes in our town of 2500. Keep your eyes peeled.


Organic is not holistic

I read the following quote yesterday. It comes from a very respectable company that roasts coffee and sells it over the Internet and perhaps through some cafes and restaurants local to them,

Organic farming is the art of holistically utilizing the systems and resources at hand to produce a crop that is the true, natural creation of the land and soil on which it was grown.

And I am compelled to write about its inaccuracy. Today’s organic farming is entirely non-holistic. It is as far from being ‘holistic’ as any conventional farming. By definition these are mutually exclusive elements, as organic/conventional is a fabrication of linear thinking, the other requires the ability to process enormous amounts of information and complexity found in both natural and soft systems.

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Espresso at Adam’s Mountain Cafe

My friend Chris graduated from college yesterday, Colorado College. At the college, there are a few students working on a new coffee roastery led by similar values as we have at the Buena Vista Roastery. I was searching for a taste of their product while at the graduation in the heart of Colorado Springs. Unfortunately, all I could find was bad drip coffee from the caterer and a questionably legal ramshackle booth selling sample bags on behalf of a Honduran cooperative.

On to a new source of coffee. In Manitou Springs west of the Springs and on my way back to Buena Vista, we all went for lunch at Adam’s Mountain Cafe in their newly remodeled building. Here I tried Pikes Perk espresso for the second time. The first was in a small high-volume coffee house, the second here, in thisSlow Food restaurant. As I have experienced in other places, it is best not to judge a coffee bean merely by one cup. If I had only held onto my first experience, I probably would not have tried the espresso at this cafe. The espresso here was smooth, balanced and had a berry finish. Evidently Adam’s does take the time to ensure the shot pours appropriately, and ensured a pretty good crema. Since the barista can make all the difference, chalk this up to a good barista.  

The Under-appreciated El Savadoran

Recently, we had a question about our El Salvador coffee. This congenial woman asked whether we had it and said it was an undervalued, under-appreciated coffee, which I have to agree with. She’ll be traveling through Buena Vista later today and will stop by the Roastery to try it out. We source our El Salvador through Vournas out of Los Angeles, and they in turn source it from the Batres family. Check out the description of the Batres’ farm in the Smithsonian. This Bourbon coffee has all the bells and whistles, being Bird Friendly, Shade Grown, Rainforest Alliance, Organic, Save the Whales, Vegan, and Stop ANWR. Of course it cups well too.

Chicory Coffee

Cafe du MondeA couple of us from the roastery traveled to New Orleans for some recon on coffee and music festivals. We spent a couple days at Jazz Fest to prep for our humble music fest in Buena Vista, and a day touring the French Quarter – the FEMA enhanced section of town following Katrina. It was here we stumbled upon the Cafe du Monde’s chicory coffee and beignets (bin-yeahs)

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