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Buena Vista to see some new faces for coffee

Rumor has it that we in Buena Vista will be seeing some new places to buy coffee. The 15 year old Bongo Billy’s Buena Vista Cafe has been the only place in town for more than a decade, located in the perfect spot to capture the rafters and high schoolers at break time. It has been a classic place to stop for many. Mother’s opened a year and a half ago, with a more refined atmosphere that caters to a different audience. Both of these are great hang outs, each with its own style, depending on what you’re looking for.

Now we hear the rumors of a couple additional places. First is the Global Cafe, across from K’s. This should be a good alternative for travelers wanting a cup of coffee or an espresso. Also, they will offer a dining component, picnics, shopping at the Global Garage Market next door, and the park across the street. The second is a cart or a drive through of some sort. There are couple of different places this may be put up, but should give the pedestrian on Main Street or the driver passing through town a reason to pull over for the quick, line-free latte. Both the Global Cafe and the coffee cart – name unknown at this time – are scheduled to open in June of this year. Next year, the brewery at South Main will open with coffee, and the Evergreen Cafe has recently started serving single origin Fair Trade Organic coffee that we roast. Many changes in our town of 2500. Keep your eyes peeled.


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