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Switch to Home Brewing

Alibaba reports that people are spending less at the cafes. We touched on this earlier this year talking about the closure of 600 Starbucks. Add to it the credit crunch and global economic crisis, and it all makes a lot of sense. There is an increase in the sales of coffee brewers and associated gadgets. I’ve seen espresso machines, frothers, ibricks and other equipment showing up in friends’ homes. No worries because they still know where to buy great coffee, just one that’s brewed at home.


Exhibit Darfur

Here’s a link to the Exhibit Darfur opening in Denver. While we did supply Fair Trade coffee for the two months it showed at the Ditto Gallery, the importance of the video and the Exhibit is to raise awareness of the tragedy going on in Darfur. We have made a point as the BV Roastery to support the amazing people working to stop the genocide and slavery. Please take a few moments to watch remarks at the Opening.

Exhibit Darfur

Exhibit Darfur

Systems Thinking in Coffee and the Climate Change

I recently read a blurb about a University of Michigan study that focuses on how shade grown coffee will help alleviate stress of weather extremes potentially resulting from the changing climate. The results of the study seem rather common sensical once you understand basics of systems thinking. I am not one to question to judgment of funding such a project, because it plays an important role in academia and, as a result, in influencing policy. I will take the opportunity, however, to spout a bit about systems thinking and coffee. Read the rest of this entry »