Buena Vista Roastery

Coffee and the Mountains

Carbon Initiatives

The Buena Vista Roastery has in place its Carbon Reduction and Sequestration Initiatives for 2008. We are also starting Coffees For A Cause which is a new program that will allow our customers to purchase our Fair Trade Organic coffee and put 10% of their purchase toward one of several causes / non-profits. The non-profits that we are talking with include Holistic Management International, Heifer International, The Association of Family Farms, BALLE, and Chaffee County Boys and Girls Club. We hope our efforts will raise the level of awareness of consumers that their purchases can and should have a greater impact.

The Buena Vista Roastery’s Carbon Reduction and Sequestration Initiatives, 2008:

– Collaboration with BBI, International for a carbon footprint assessment and Green Business Certificate – in progress
– Reduction in wattage on all lights – in progress
– Leakage and Sealage study of café, roasting and storage facilities – planned for 2008 with Headwaters Energy
– Investigate options for recycling heat exhaust from roaster/heat recovery – in progress
– Replacement of equipment with EnergyStar and other energy reduction equipment – begin in 2008
– Regular maintenance on all equipment to ensure proper airflow and optimum efficiency – in progress
– Investigate electric/wind trading options with Sangre de Cristo Electric Coop – in progress
– Carry out waste generation assessment site-wide, initiate waste reduction practices accordingly – planned for 2008
– Investigate secondary uses for burlap sacs and chaff by-products – in progress
– Involve Holistic Management International in marketing and sales efforts to incorporate terrestrial carbon sequestration options for coffee purchases – in progress
– Increase civic donations to agricultural related activities and other efforts focused on environmental stewardship, in addition to other charitable activities – in progress
– Initiate and grow our Coffees for a Cause program – in progress, launch spring 2008

Also, we are Organic and Fair Trade certified and strive to source beans from socially responsible farms when they can’t afford certification, we carry organic teas, we use only Simple Green as a cleaning product, we compost our coffee grounds and chaff, we encourage using mugs in the shop and are investigating compostable disposable cups, we use recycled paper in the printer, we recycle all plastics, cardboard, greyboard, etc, we don’t use packing peanuts and encourage our vendors to ship with alternative materials.


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