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New Blog Site

We have upgraded our blogging capability. This means that we had to get a new blog address. All of the posts here are on it already, and future posts will be put there. Thank you: www.bvroasteryblog.com.


Our $7 Mandatory Carbon Offset

I learned more about a mandatory carbon offset that I had to pay to go to a Specialty Coffee Conference. Last May was the first conference I had attended, and was coincidentally the first SCAA Conference to require a carbon offset. I blogged in May about going to the event and need to follow up a little with comments on the carbon offset.  I am now part of the SCAA Sustainability Committee, the very folk who encouraged the monetary contribution.

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Darwinism and the Green Mountain

Green Mountain Roasters appears to be growing. The roaster out of New England bought up Tully’s out of Seattle. At least, it bought the wholesale arm of things, as well as the brand. The roasting facility is to be leased, and the brand will stay as Tully’s. I have not frequented a Tully’s, but see in the Seattle Times article that they are scattered all over the US and Japan. The article simply points out that there is a sale going on for bookoo dollars and that everyone of its 70 employees will remain employed. From my seat here in the mountains of Colorado, I am baffled over the corporate model and how a company can grow to the size of being worth $40.3 million.

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Coffee for a Cause, 10 Mountains, Exhibit Darfur

After a month hiatus, we are back on the blog. Thank you for the patience. We have been pulling together a few things here at the roastery, including hiring a new roaster, Stacy Cowan, to help with our increasing demand. We have also launched our Coffees for a Cause program, and helped coordinate two additional philanthropic activities. The Coffees for a Cause program donates 10% of the purchase price to one of six causes, each associated with their own blend/coffee. The two other activities we are aligned with are first, 10 Mountains – 10 Years, finding a cure to Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, and second, Exhibit Darfur, bringing awareness to the humanitarian crisis in Darfur. Please help us support these efforts.


We at the Roastery think of ourselves as fairly ‘green’ when it comes to our practices and philosophies. Green will mean different things to different people. On someone’s scale we will be neon, on someone else’s, a dull sage. In any case, there is always room for improvement in my eyes, and through the balancing juggernaut of day-to-day business, we can tackle evermore environmentally, socially and economically sound initiatives. We have declared some carbon reduction initiatives for the present year and are monitoring to check how well we are achieving these. One thing we are in the midst of is working with BBI International and their Green Business certification. An energy audit will commence sometime soon, we hope, and we will have a starting basis from which to work. We will post progress with our initiatives as it happens overtime.

The ‘Localness’ in Local Coffee

I know Localness is not a real word. But local coffee may be just as real a concept. It depends heavily on the boundaries that we the consumer define as acceptable and okay. Consumers will define ‘local’ upteen ways, and then the retailer or wholesaler has to decide which definitions fit his or her business plan, or create their business model based on what’s important to them and let the chips fall where they may.

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Exploring Options

Our staff met yesterday to discuss the direction of the roastery and whether to move forward pursuing a new enterprise. We played around with understanding our desired business, as captured in our holistic-goal, and how to gain a comprehensive understanding of what the addition of a new venture would do to both the Buena Vista Roastery and to Bongo Billy’s Coffees. Consensus: find out some info on the potential gross profit and information on the potential sources of money that would be used to invest in equipment but that generally let’s move forward. All of this fits with our environmental initiatives, as posted on ChannelBV.

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