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New Blog Site

We have upgraded our blogging capability. This means that we had to get a new blog address. All of the posts here are on it already, and future posts will be put there. Thank you: www.bvroasteryblog.com.


Switch to Home Brewing

Alibaba reports that people are spending less at the cafes. We touched on this earlier this year talking about the closure of 600 Starbucks. Add to it the credit crunch and global economic crisis, and it all makes a lot of sense. There is an increase in the sales of coffee brewers and associated gadgets. I’ve seen espresso machines, frothers, ibricks and other equipment showing up in friends’ homes. No worries because they still know where to buy great coffee, just one that’s brewed at home.

Exhibit Darfur

Here’s a link to the Exhibit Darfur opening in Denver. While we did supply Fair Trade coffee for the two months it showed at the Ditto Gallery, the importance of the video and the Exhibit is to raise awareness of the tragedy going on in Darfur. We have made a point as the BV Roastery to support the amazing people working to stop the genocide and slavery. Please take a few moments to watch remarks at the Opening.

Exhibit Darfur

Exhibit Darfur

Thanks for our Fair Trade support

I send a thanks out to Green Eco Services for their listing of Bongo Billy’s Coffees in their post about Fair Trade coffee as a green coffee suppliers. We are working hard to provide the most socially and environmentally responsible coffees and to people. We were just certified as a Green Business and have a growing list of projects to undertake locally to support our community, some of which are in our 2008 list. So, thanks for the recognition.

Darwinism and the Green Mountain

Green Mountain Roasters appears to be growing. The roaster out of New England bought up Tully’s out of Seattle. At least, it bought the wholesale arm of things, as well as the brand. The roasting facility is to be leased, and the brand will stay as Tully’s. I have not frequented a Tully’s, but see in the Seattle Times article that they are scattered all over the US and Japan. The article simply points out that there is a sale going on for bookoo dollars and that everyone of its 70 employees will remain employed. From my seat here in the mountains of Colorado, I am baffled over the corporate model and how a company can grow to the size of being worth $40.3 million.

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Coffee for a Cause, 10 Mountains, Exhibit Darfur

After a month hiatus, we are back on the blog. Thank you for the patience. We have been pulling together a few things here at the roastery, including hiring a new roaster, Stacy Cowan, to help with our increasing demand. We have also launched our Coffees for a Cause program, and helped coordinate two additional philanthropic activities. The Coffees for a Cause program donates 10% of the purchase price to one of six causes, each associated with their own blend/coffee. The two other activities we are aligned with are first, 10 Mountains – 10 Years, finding a cure to Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, and second, Exhibit Darfur, bringing awareness to the humanitarian crisis in Darfur. Please help us support these efforts.

Fair Trade and a Hill of Beans

The Christian Science Monitor recently published a portion of an essay on Fair Trade entitled, “Fair-trade coffee: not worth a hill of beans.” Granted, this reads like an opinion paper without numbers and statistics to buttress the arguments, but the arguments seem worthy of further investigation. It’s more perspective to balance in the popular struggle to be certified or not to be certified, both supplying goods or demanding goods. I for one appreciate having people question what we have accepted as matter of fact.