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New Blog Site

We have upgraded our blogging capability. This means that we had to get a new blog address. All of the posts here are on it already, and future posts will be put there. Thank you: www.bvroasteryblog.com.


Systems Thinking in Coffee and the Climate Change

I recently read a blurb about a University of Michigan study that focuses on how shade grown coffee will help alleviate stress of weather extremes potentially resulting from the changing climate. The results of the study seem rather common sensical once you understand basics of systems thinking. I am not one to question to judgment of funding such a project, because it plays an important role in academia and, as a result, in influencing policy. I will take the opportunity, however, to spout a bit about systems thinking and coffee. Read the rest of this entry »

Our $7 Mandatory Carbon Offset

I learned more about a mandatory carbon offset that I had to pay to go to a Specialty Coffee Conference. Last May was the first conference I had attended, and was coincidentally the first SCAA Conference to require a carbon offset. I blogged in May about going to the event and need to follow up a little with comments on the carbon offset.  I am now part of the SCAA Sustainability Committee, the very folk who encouraged the monetary contribution.

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Thanks for our Fair Trade support

I send a thanks out to Green Eco Services for their listing of Bongo Billy’s Coffees in their post about Fair Trade coffee as a green coffee suppliers. We are working hard to provide the most socially and environmentally responsible coffees and to people. We were just certified as a Green Business and have a growing list of projects to undertake locally to support our community, some of which are in our 2008 list. So, thanks for the recognition.

SCAA Sustainability Committee – Meeting Numero Uno

Next week I begin in earnest my tenure on the Specialty Coffee Association of America Sustainability Committee with a trip to a quarterly meeting in Atlanta. The meeting is a joint committee meeting, sort of a ‘mini SCAA conference’, as one person called it on a conference call the other day. I am interested to see how ‘sustainable’ the meeting is, especially as compared to the MN SCAA gathering last May. It was during that meeting that I obligatorily had to pay $7 to offset my carbon footprint, when the pomp and circumstance, signage, etc clearly paled the $7. Without really understanding the inner workings of the conference and expressing a little too much hubris, I found this was a curious notion to offset the barrage of signage and technological necessities of the conference. I look forward to learning more and to playing a part on the organizing side of things.

The Sustainability Committee has tasked itself to meet the United Nations Millenium Development Goals (MDG). This is a wonderful aim. People have already been working on these goals and perhaps there are ways to help effect policy to encourage more progress. This fits in with the Roastery’s work with BBI International and becoming a certified Green Business. We still would like to work on a carbon footprint assessment and subsequent ways to reduce that footprint.