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A New Cafe in Buena Vista

ChannelBV just posted a news release about the new Global Cafe opening this weekend in Buena Vista. It’s always exciting to have a spat of entrepreneurship in town. The owners are also working on building a brownstone complex of some sort just off Main Street. Even with economic downturn in the country, this town is becoming more and more lively with quite a few people sticking their necks out to encourage smart growth and attentive development. Chef Eddie Sandoval has turned the Evergreen Cafe into the Asian Palate in the evenings, complete with Sushi on Wednesday. The Orpheum Lofts are incipient – a multimillion dollar mixed use project on E Main Street. Next weekend is the grand opening of True Value’s new 20,000 square foot building. Of course, last year we saw the arrival of Mother’s Bistro and more recently Real Subs and Salads. The list goes on and on. If you are in town, stop in the Buena Vista Roastery on E Main and ask about what’s happening. And check out the Global Cafe, just across from K’s Dairy Delight.A


Starbuck’s closing

A blurb in Fortune talks about Starbuck’s closing hundreds of stores, Starbuck’s has a Bitter Plan. It’s interesting to watch a transition away from the huge conglomerate into something less huge, both in terms of the drinks offered and the taste of an espresso.